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Auditioning is hard. PERIOD! While some individuals may enjoy the thrill of the audition room, no one will question the fact that auditioning is nerve-wracking, imperfect and, above all, necessary. So how do you take stress off of yourself and ensure that you are walking into every room feeling confident, valuable, prepared and worthy? practice! Just like any other skill set you have, auditioning takes work. And finding a coach who can give you honest feedback in a nurturing and supportive environment can be key to raising your audition and performance games up to their full potential. 

Sean has 15+ years of experience in successfully coaching actors and singers of all ages on finding their most authentic approach to material. What is his philosophy? Quite simply: no two performers are the same, so trying to fit one artist into another artist's mold is detrimental to success. Sean believes in finding a vocabulary and approach that works for each individual and allows them to wholly realize and unlock their greatest potential. 

Sean will work with you to ensure that your audition game is solid by helping you find YOUR BEST APPROACH to any material that is presented to you. His goal is to empower YOU to find success in all of your endeavors! Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in this industry, Sean can guarantee that you will walk out of your coaching sessions feelings positive, motivated, fierce and deserving of success!


Evaluation Lesson: $50 (45-mins)


30-Min Song or Monologue Coaching:  $60


60-Min Song or Monologue Coaching: $100

(Please note: there is NO additional accompanist or studio fee. These are built into the cost of the coaching)

To schedule a session with Sean, please click HERE to email him. Be sure to include details about what you are hoping to get from the coaching(s) so Sean has a sense of the scope of work you are looking for.


Sean generally teaches out of several midtown-NYC studios, so accessibility is convenient for most students. He is happy to travel to more convenient locations at the request of students. For locations outside of Manhattan, a $10 travel fee is added into the cost of the session.


Sean is happy to offer Skype, FaceTime or Zoom sessions for any individual or group that may be looking to work remotely. All remote sessions are 45-mins in length and cost a flat rate of $75. (NOTE: For remote song coaching, tracked music will need to be utilized to help avoid delays)


Coaching sessions may be cancelled up to 24-hours prior to the scheduled session with no penalty. Cancellations wthin 24-hours of the scheduled lesson time are not eligible for a refund and must be paid in full. If Sean has to cancel, the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

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