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As someone who has worked in most departments in the world of live theater production, and been on both sides of the "table," Sean believes that Stage Management and Production Management are both the perfect blend of art, science, and business. He understands the complex intricacies of live production, and he knows how valuable clear and thorough communication can be. Whether it be face to face, via electronic communication, or through generated paperwork, pleasant and respectful communication is a constant in the way Sean approaches a project. No matter what stressful factors may exist, Sean strives to maintain a positive outlook and a calm(ing) demeanor. No two shows are the same, so Sean approaches every project with fresh eyes and willingness to find what the most effective path will be to steer a production towards ultimate success. In short, Sean always strives to be a "yes man" even in the face of seemingly huge obstacles. Most importantly, Sean is never afraid to learn and grow. No one has all of the answers, so open and truthful communication is a staple in the way that Sean works. Only then can trust be built, relationships forged, and art be allowed to soar.

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Click HERE to listen to Sean speak about Stage Management and a life in the arts on the Sept 2019 episode of The Backstage Crative Podcast.

Sample Rehearsal Floor Tape Outs (click to enlarge)


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